"Ethnopolitics" scientific information and analytical publication

General information and provisions

The journal is registered by the Information Committee of the Ministry of Information and Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Certificate of Registration No. KZ09VPY00054187 dated August 23, 2022. The "Ethnopolitics" scientific information and analytical publication is published by order of the Institute of Applied Ethnopolitical Research of the MISD of the RK since 2021.

The publication includes information and analytical scientific articles, analytical reviews (references), results of scientific research in Kazakh, Russian and/or English. 

Purpose and objectives of the journal

The purpose of the journal is to create favorable conditions for the development of scientific and public discussion in the field of ethnic policy by highlighting topical issues of interethnic relations.

Journal tasks:

  • Involvement of scientific researchers, domestic and foreign experts, including members of APK SEC, SEG; assistance in the publication of original high-quality scientific articles.
  • Publication of scientific materials on expert assessment of current trends in interethnic relations and forecasting the situation in the field of social harmony.
  • Publication of analytical reviews of ongoing events, projects on the subject of interethnic relations aimed at the implementation of state policy.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in relation to copyright and globally accepted practice provisions on publication ethics.

Thematic areas of the journal:

  • Key issues of interethnic relations;
  • Issues of development of ethnopolitics;
  • Socio-economic problems of ethnic groups;
  • Key issues of the history of ethnic groups and ethnic processes;
  • Actual problems of modern sociology in the context of the study of ethnic groups.

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e-mail: info@iaer.kz, iaes.2020@inbox.ru 

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