Peer review

The Editorial Board of the publication provides registration of incoming scientific articles, blind peer review, correspondence with the authors of the articles.

Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts submitted to them for review are the intellectual property of the authors and are classified as confidential information.

The co-author of the peer-reviewed scientific article and the supervisor of the applicant for a scientific degree cannot be a reviewer.

Based on the peer review of a scientific article, the reviewer can:

  • recommend the article for publication;
  • recommend the article to be improved taking into account comments and suggestions;
  • reject the article.

All these recommendations must be professionally and competently substantiated in the review.

The reviewer's expert opinion on the article is posted on the journal's website. The authors can get acquainted with it, and in case of a negative review or the need for improvement, eliminate the comments of the reviewer. The article modified by the author is re-sent to the reviewer through the journal's website. In case of a positive conclusion, the article receives the status "Awaiting publication".

In case of unresolvable contradictions, the Editorial Board has the right to send the article for additional review. In conflict situations, the final decision is made at the meeting of the Editorial Board.